The Internet Drives Our Thirst For Narrative.

Every business, foundation, technology and especially every brand, requires a story.
People remember story long after they have forgotten the product.
All good salesmen know this.

Target Pricing, Niche Marketing
It’s a Bitch

This shiraz is a bitch. It says so on the label. Royal Bitch is the name of the wine, one of a sisterhood of budget-priced cabernets and chardonnays from a variety of producers with labels like Sassy Bitch, Jealous Bitch, Tasty Bitch, Happy Bitch and Sweet Bitch. In 2004 a grenache named, simply, Bitch got the postfeminist ball rolling. Then came wines labeled:

  •  Ball Buster, a beefy shiraz-cabernet-merlot Australia. 
  •  BigAss Red, from California. 
  •  Stench, an Australian sparkler. 
  •  Fat Bastard, a line of wines from France, sold 425,000 cases by 2004, making it one of the most popular French wines in the United States. 
Ah, the target marketing; Bitch grabs the attention of a certain type of consumer, primarily young women en route to a bachelorette or divorce party, or looking for a special way to say, "I love you" on Mother's Day. Ball Buster is said to make its way to a lot of lawyers from their clients.
 Original article January 4, 2012, by William Grimes, New York Times

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