The Internet Drives Our Thirst For Narrative.

Every business, foundation, technology and especially every brand, requires a story.
People remember story long after they have forgotten the product.
All good salesmen know this.

Why You Need a Storyteller - VC Returns Less Than NASDAQ For a Decade

July 9, 2013  (Reuters) - For the 10-year period ended December 31, 2012, venture capital returned 6.9 percent, compared to 8.5 percent for the NASDAQ composite index. Causing fundraising by U.S. venture-capital firms dropped 54 percent in dollars in the second quarter, 2013.
     Well, for example, Facebook IPO, May 18, 2012 price per share set at $38; July 10, 2013, price, $25.67
     Old pros at losing value, HP bought Autonomy for $11.1 billion and shortly thereafter the shit hit the fan, shredding mostly HP credibility and money.
     Even big winners strike our, two recent bombs are Google’s Nexus Q [G often swings for the fences] and Apple Maps. 
     But it's still  better to be an entrepreneur than a thief such as, for those over 30, software CEO & thief Gerald Hsu of Avant Software.
     Then there is the traditional way to wealth via the Federal government:
+ According to the July 7, 2013, Miami Herald: Convicted with three others of swindling $67 million from Medicare by paying bribes for patient referrals, Karen Kallen-Zury, (from my old hometown  Pompano Beach) faces up to 170 years in prison for the billing scam.
+ The Lockheed Martin/Boeing F-22 Raptor cost $67.3 billion for 188 planes. Due to 20 years of feature creep the F-22 cost $412 million +/- each, for planes that can’t fly in the rain/lightning and took off with a broken pilot’s oxygen system. 
- - Unlike Karen, nobody at Lockheed Martin/Boeing is going to jail.  [Check out Senator Harry Truman on “wartime profiteering," thanks to biographer David McCullough and the History Channel.]

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