The Internet Drives Our Thirst For Narrative.

Every business, foundation, technology and especially every brand, requires a story.
People remember story long after they have forgotten the product.
All good salesmen know this.

Social Media Marketing, Count the Survivors

Place Your Bets, Here Are A Few Tips On How To Begin SocialNet Marketing
As we all have experienced, here are many socialnet options on the web. They grow and crumble, at a gold rush-like pace. For all organizations the first key questions are:
  • Do we want to participate? (Do We have any choice?)
  • Are we willing to commit the resources to be successful?
In order for organizations to realize the benefit from social media marketing, there must be some level of understanding about the nature of online communities, social media sharing web sites and applications . The questions below provide a starting in understanding an organizations willingness to take on social media marketing.
  • What are the goals we hope to achieve social media marketing?
  • How will we measures and evaluate a social media marketing program?
  • What are our current socialnet channels and web sites/pages?
  • Have we seen any preference by our target audience?
The more informed your organization is about the social web, the more successful you will be at social media marketing.
Source: TopRank

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