The Internet Drives Our Thirst For Narrative.

Every business, foundation, technology and especially every brand, requires a story.
People remember story long after they have forgotten the product.
All good salesmen know this.

The Half-Life Of The Next Big Thing

Waveboard 2.0 for the iPhone examples the ever shortening half-life of the Next Big Thing (NBT) by launching the mobile NBT; demonstrating that the product cycle becomes even more complicated as products need to roll-out in multiple hosting formats such as: 1/ Cloud, 2/ Desktop, 3/ Enterprise, 4/ Mobile, and 5/ maybe on some conglomerate API like Quicken or
This becomes a real PR and advertising headache. Don’t tell the software guys, you this is really a form of product extension like mini-Oreos. The only people to succeed at this have big budgets to build multi-media/modal to differentiate their gold label from the light. The good news is that, the easiest group to reach are “mobile app fanatics” because they can be found.

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